I am running for the Ohio Senate because I have earned the trust and confidence of the thousands of people I have served.

During that time, I have enjoyed success by working together with both Republicans and Democrats on legislation aimed that directly improves the lives of those I serve.

With the combination of my legislative experience and academic credentials, I am prepared and excited to seek the people’s approval to serve as the next Senator for Ohio’s 28th District.


As your State Senator, I would make it my priority to:

Increase Emphasis on Early Childhood Education

To prepare our children for a successful future, we must ensure they have a top-notch education from an early age. I will continue my work to increase funding and improve the quality of early child childhood education opportunities in Ohio.

Make Higher Education More Affordable

Creating good jobs also means creating a competitive workforce. Our colleges and universities contribute to the betterment of our communities—whether it’s preparing young people for successful careers or furthering scientific advancements.

I will support colleges and universities and identify resources to make higher education, including post-secondary training opportunities, more affordable.

Make the Election Process More Representative

Ohio has some of the worst gerrymandered state and congressional districts in the country.  These districts are configured to maximize partisanship and don’t serve or reflect the best interests of voters.

Last fall I co-chaired a campaign to revise our state legislative apportionment process—and we were successful! 

After the next census in 2020, we will use this fairer process to draw state legislative districts.  I will continue to advance constitutional revisions to adopt a fair method of drawing congressional districts in Ohio.